I want a family!

We are many abandoned little brothers and sisters, and even though we are Territorians now, the best for us is to have homes.

We have many Territorians in search of super responsible families.

Families who want to adopt them, please call 8354-0555 with Maria Fernanda, or 8815-2514 with Alvaro. For all those interested it is essential to receive via WhatsApp, the complete following information:

—  Full name

—  Photos of your ID Card, on both sides.

—  Full detailed address, and also your location by WhatsApp.

—  Several photos of your home.


Your information will be reviewed, together with that of other families that want to adopt. If the information requested is not completed in full, you cannot be considered for adoption.

Your WhatsApp location is requested with the purpose of an eventual followup visit, prior arrangement, to check how the dog is doing.


We will also ask you to contribute with the following expenses regarding vaccination, castration or sterilization, and identification plate:

—  Two vaccines:  6.000 colones each.

—  Sterilization: 12.000 colones.

—  Identification plate: 6.000 colones.

Total = 30.000 colones

Obviously, these expenses are paid after you are selected for adoption of a Territorian, and only when defined that the dog is yours.

The ID plate is required because we’ve found that sometimes the dogs escape from the adopters.

Those who are not willing to provide the information and other requirements, please restrain of sending messages, since it delays the process due to the large volume of petitions received for adoption.

We are here waiting for you !

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