Abuela was a dog exploited in puppy mills, where she was forced to get pregnant in order to sell her puppies. When she grew old, they abandoned her, and she was rescued by Territorio de Zaguates.

At that time, Alina, who would become her human, was living a life of adventure with her two beagles, Lucy and Beto. They constantly moved between the beach, waterfalls, and mountains and shared their adventures via Instagram.

Thanks to social media, Alina joined an incredible community of dog lovers. In those groups, she learned about Abuela, a senior beagle who needed a home to give her the life she deserved.

Now, Abu lives happily every day, always around a human who prioritizes her health and happiness. Although she looks chubby, since her medical treatments keep her carrying a few extra pounds, she is healthy and very active.



She goes on multiple walks daily and hikes with her dog siblings once or twice a month. She is always the most motivated and excited, always at her own pace and stopping to rest and cool off in the streams.

Caring for senior dogs can indeed be difficult and expensive. However, Alina states that Abuela's support and happiness are simply invaluable.

"Abu has taught me a lot about patience and gratitude. A senior, adopted dog comes with many qualities and specificities that we, as their humans, have to not only accommodate but celebrate.

She shows me her gratitude and love every day. There is nothing more worth it than that."

Older dogs are the least likely to be adopted, but knowing that you give them a chance to have the life they deserve, even if they don't have many years left to live, is the best reward one could receive.


We admire all people who adopt, especially those who dare adopt adult and senior dogs.

We also thank our amazing community for allowing us to rescue older dogs and help them find their families, just like Abu did. ๐Ÿงก