A couple of months ago, we had the opportunity to reconnect with Stephanie, who, more than three years ago, adopted #Balú and #Floki from Land of the Strays. 

Stephanie had followed Territorio de Zaguates’ FB page for some time when she encountered a picture of a big dog looking for a home.  She soon fell in love with his face and the description of his picture: He drools a lot, likes to chase flies, and prefers books over tv.

“Marcela also said it’s harder for some of the larger dogs to get adopted, but his big giant head won me over,” said Stephanie. 

Thing was, Stephanie wanted to adopt two dogs, and when she asked Marcela if he had a friend who wanted to be adopted as well, she promptly sent a video of the two doggies wrestling, and that was all it took for her to decide: those two it is! 

“The whole adoption process was so pleasant. I was shocked when I was told there was no adoption fee! I think that was even more incentive to become a monthly sponsor for two dogs, so I can continue to help the incredible work being done at Territorio de Zaguates.

While I could have adopted in Canada, the chances of dogs getting adopted here are much higher. I also thought that by adopting two dogs from Territorio de Zaguates, that allows space for the rescue to help more dogs”.

Floki is a sweet boy who just loves his mom and his brother Balú. He is a fast runner! Has a LONG tongue that is great for giving sweet kisses. And is so smart. He learned how to give a paw within minutes of showing him.

Balú is a snoring machine who is obsessed with pillows, blankets, balls, and cats. He will give you extra wet kisses and bear hugs, and then steal your shoes when you’re not looking. He is the best definition of a gentle giant. He doesn’t have a mean or angry bone in his body. He gets so excited when new foster kittens come in the house because he gets to give them baths and cuddles. He likes to rest his head next to them and hear them purr.

Now, these two live as brothers, and they spend their days between pillows and toys and running through autumn leaves and huge snowy fields. Stephanie changed the lives of these two Territorians, but they changed hers too. 

When we asked her what the last three years had been like with them, she told us:

"I cannot image my life without Balú and Floki. They have brought so much joy into my life. Before Balú and Floki, I had only ever adopted cats, and so they were my first experience with dogs. The energy, playfulness, gratitude, and love that they show every single day is so uplifting. I love the routine that we have built: we wake up and tell them good morning and their tails start to do the helicopter wag, I love our walks where they sniff everything they possibly can, Friday pup cups, weekend trips to "mommoms" to play in the barn… all of it!

I cannot wait for the day when I can go visit in person and thank everyone who is part of making Territorio de Zaguates such an incredible place. I am so proud to be part of the family." 🧡