“Change a Pet’s Life Day” is celebrated every January 24th, that’s why we want to raise awareness about all the needs that an abandoned puppy goes through, and how important your help is for furry little animals like Pavita.

Just as we were able to give Pavita a second chance and restore her hope and desire to live, you can join in and help many dogs that, just like her, need good-hearted people.

There are many ways to change the life of an abandoned puppy and fill it with happiness. Here’s some of them:

- You can adopt a zaguate, that will completely change the life of any furry little friend because they will have the privilege of experiencing true love from a family.

- You can sponsor a doggy, there are many shelters like ours that rescue abandoned dogs and give them second chances. With you as a sponsor, the zaguate will have food, veterinary care, and medication.

- You can donate to a shelter, shelters are non-profit organizations with a very high cost of operations. They keep their doors open thanks to the fact that there are people who believe in these causes and love dogs above all things, it is in this way that we can continue doing our work and changing the lives of hundreds of puppies.

- You can share all the information we publish on our networks so that more and more people learn about our dog sanctuary and can join and support our great Territorio Family.