Most dogs we rescue are either adult dogs who spend most of their lives living in the Sanctuary or senior dogs who were abandoned because of their age and special needs.

All the dogs that we rescue from the streets of our country are rehabilitated, fed, and neutered with the aim that they can find a home in a family that loves them and decides to adopt them for the rest of their lives. However, sadly, that is the exception and not the rule. 

Of all the dogs that we rescue, roughly % of them are adopted, and those who are not, continue their life in our shelter until old age. Some of our senior territorians have lived with us for up to 9 years! At the beginning of their lives, they ran and played with the rest of the pack, now they live in spaces enabled for their special needs as older dogs.

Our “golden citizens” are what we call those senior dogs who have lived with us for more than half their lives and who will probably end it here too. Many of these dogs were rescued when Land of the Strays was just beginning to form as a shelter and they have seen us grow up as rescuers; some of our other senior dogs just joined us, but we know that they will stay with us for the rest of their years if that’s what life calls for. 

Our beloved Trini. Álvaro's most loyal companion. She was found when she was a young mama trying to keep her puppies alive while living in the streets. She has lived with us for the last 16 years. We believe she's almost 20 years old!

Lana has been with us for the last eight years.

She came to us when she was already a reasonably adult dog. She was really depressed but in just a few days, her attitude changed radically because she fell madly in love with María Fernanda, who fell in love with her as well, and they have been inseparable all these years.

Willy is one of the oldest Territorians in our family. We do not know exactly how old he is, but he has already been in the shelter for more than 15 years. 

This charming zaguate is over 17 years old, however, his spirit and energy are like those of a furry young man. He arrived in Territorio after his human died and the family could not keep him. 

Willy lived in the shelter for a long time, enjoying himself with the pack and running free in the mountains until Lya, co-founder of Territorio de Zaguates, took him home, as she does with many other dogs.

Thelma is one of those dogs that steal your heart with just one look. 😍

Rescued at 12 years old, we thought she would not be able to resist the sadness of abandonment and the loss of her sister Louise, but today she lives happily with Marce, one of our own.

Thelma still visits the farm every week and is excited to go for a walk with her Territorian pack (although now she walks more calmly, as she's nearing 15 years old).

Gremlin came to us in his mother's tummy, who was rescued in very bad condition.

After a couple of weeks, this dog began to gain weight rapidly and disproportionately, which turned out to be, to our surprise, that she was pregnant.

Sometime later, the dog had two puppies that were in as bad condition as her, Gremlin, and her little sister. In Territorio, we did everything possible to heal them but the puppy did not resist and died. Meanwhile, Gremlin was fighting with all his might for his life, as he contracted, distemper, a lethal disease in most cases. The doctors' advice was to put him to sleep but we decided to fight for him until he got well. Gremlin was finally living a happy and peaceful life with the pack.

Gremlin lived for many years in Territory until finally, due to his old age, Lya decided to take him to live with her and despite being 11 or 12 years old, he is still as cool as he has always been and is a fundamental part of the pack.

You can help us to continue rescuing and caring for older dogs by being part of our community and sponsoring one of our golden strays.