During the dry and dusty season, we face a particular challenge regarding the health of our dogs. It is common for dogs to suffer from skin conditions, which can lead to increased itching and hair loss.

To care for their skin, we use several measures:

1. Dermatological treatment: As soon as we see dogs with signs of allergies or skin problems, we apply essential treatments such as baths with mild products and creams. Additionally, we work with veterinarians for more severe cases that require specialized care.

2. Land maintenance: We carry out land maintenance. We cut grass and clean common areas to create a cleaner, healthier environment.

3. Parasite control: During the dusty season, it is essential to keep parasites at bay, as they can worsen skin problems. We carry out regular treatments against fleas, ticks, and other external and internal parasites.

At Territorio, we do everything possible to ensure our dogs are as healthy and comfortable as possible. With special measures during the dust season, we work to keep our dogs' skin healthy and happy, although it is not an easy task when we care for 2,000 dogs.

We also have to bear in mind that some of our dogs came to us with other underlying skin issues that make it impossible for them to regrow their hair. This doesn't mean they are not healthy, and to us, they are still beautiful and worthy of love and care.

Thank you for supporting our work and helping us care for these wonderful dogs!