Do you want to visit us?

The farm always remains closed.  We organize programmed visits, on specific dates (mentioned below), from 09:00 am to 12:30 pm, for everyone to come to know place and play with the pack.

Visits are completely free, and to participate you must arrive at 08:45.  The activity is a 3 kilometer walk around the hills of the farm.  Everyone willing to join us is welcomed, and also your own pets.

The objective is to share with hundreds of dogs that lack, o never had, a family. Dogs that normally do not see other humans than those who take care of them. The idea is for them to receive lots of affection and socialize with the people and families that come to visit us.

The entrance road, extending for more than 1 km, is very narrow, with sections not wide enough for two vehicles. If people arrive before the convoy, they will be literally blocking the road.

Because a great number of vehicles arrive directly at the farm very early, before opening, a long row is formed before the gate, blocking the road and causing an inconvenience to local neighbors, that we wish to avoid. Please arrive at 08:45 so you can enter the farm without detaining.

We recommend


Wear comfortable clothes, that can get dirty
Sport or walking shoes.


Sun blocker and insect repellent.
Some hat or cap.


Give much love to the mutts.

Remember you will be in open country!

Visits for 2018


Where are we?

Territorio de Zaguates is located in the mountains of Santa Barbara de Heredia, next to Carrizal de Alajuela, Costa Rica.

How to ge there?

If you have your own car, you can arrive from Heredia or from Alajuela.

From Heredia:
Exit through road to Barva, pass Santa Lucia, Barva, Puente Salas, Birri, San Bosco, El Roble and Chaguites. When arriving to Carrizal, turn right at the Public Telephone booth, then turn right left on the first street, named Calle El Tanque. Continue for 1,600 meters and the road ends at the red gate of Territorio de Zaguates.

From Alajuela:
Starting at Alejandro Morera Soto stadium, take the road to Carrizal for 12 kms. After reaching the Church of Carrizal, continue 600 mts. straight to the crossroad of the Carrizal Supermarket. There you take the street on the left side of the Public Telephone, enter 20 mts. and turn left on the first street, named Calle el Tanque. Continue for 1,600 meters and the road ends at the red gate of Territorio de Zaguates.

Use WAZE to get there easily:

We can’t provide shuttles services at the moment.


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