For a long time breed dogs were people’s favorites to have as a pet in their homes. However, this has been changing over time, and now shelter dogs (Zaguates) have become family’s favorites!

There are many reasons why this shift happened and they all vary according to the case of each person. We’ll share some aspects that highlight the reasons why having a beautiful zaguate is the best option.


1. They are stronger

Breed dogs are dogs that have been genetically manipulated, created in a very controlled environment. They even inbred, this means they breed between families in order to establish “good” physical characteristics. However, this exposes puppies to hereditary risks due to the mixture of father + daughter or mother + son, etc.

On the other hand, zaguates are born in uncontrolled environments and under the survival of the fittest . A street mother will give it’s newborns immunity and antibodies that will help them survive, even though not all do. It is this immunity that the mother inherits to her pups that protects the zaguates of diseases and adversities they’ll find in the streets.

That is why it is said that the zaguates are stronger and that they can accompany you for longer. They are extremely independent, because if they have lived on the street they know how to handle themselves and have the antibodies to live longer.


2. Gratitude

When you adopt a shelter dog, he knows that he is getting a second chance to live better, so the gratitude you’ll get from your zaguate once you adopt it is incomparable. Anyone who has adopted or rescued a dog can confirm that they are faithful, loving and grateful dogs. It must be incredible for a furry little friend to go from living on the streets or with irresponsible families, to living with a responsible and loving family that shows it that second chances do exist.


3. You become an advocate for the #AdoptDontShop movement

The moment you adopt a zaguate and start telling everyone their story, you are advocating for the movement anti dog breeding farms. Our mission, like other shelters, is to raise awareness about the importance of not buying dogs, but adopting, and if you do so you’ll help us and all shelters spread the word.


4. Less money invested

A breed dog can cost you between $300-$1500, or more, depending on breed, sex and pedigree. A dog from Territorio de Zaguates or any other shelter will never cost you that much money.

Shelters don’t charge for the dogs they have. We are only looking for responsible families who want a puppy and can provide the necessary care such as feeding, castration, visits to the veterinarian, among others.


5. You join a unique family

By adopting a dog from Territorio de Zaguates you join our Territorio Family. You will be able to share with other families in our Facebook group, where they organize dog meetings and exchange beautiful stories and photographs of the zaguates.