We rescued this puppy a year ago. He managed to survive being run over by a car that broke three of his legs and caused a significant head injury. 

After the accident, Camilo was abandoned on one side of the road with multiple injuries, his head was exposed, and blood was gushing from his wound, some chickens came to peck him, and with the bit of strength that this brave little doggie had, he tried to flee, but he could not do it because of the fractures I had. 

In his attempt to escape, Camilo fell down a hillside and ended up in a river, and although that could have been the end of his life, we managed to rescue him with the certainty that he deserved a new opportunity. 

We performed an operation on his head and his three legs. We placed pins and plates so that he could walk again. It has been a long recovery process, but with a lot of dedication, we can finally say that all the work was successful because today Camilo is fully recovered and ready to find a family that welcomes him with open arms and lots of love. 

We want to thank Innovavet Veterinary Clinic for accompanying this beautiful young dog in his rehabilitation process, for helping him retake his first steps, making him walk and never lose hope. 

Camilo is a dog full of life, he loves to run and play with dogs, and fortunately, there are no consequences of the terrible accident he endured. To stay healthy, he just has to maintain his weight and avoid intense physical activity due to the plates on his legs since it could generate any complications in the future.   

Not all people are willing to offer a second chance, but in Land of the Strays, we know that Camilo is a reflection of the many dogs that need our support; that's why regardless of their condition, we will always offer a second chance to the ones that need it the most.