For us at Territorio, surrendering is not an option, that’s why we support every dog’s fight to stay alive.

Despite being one of the newest Territorians, Ramona has been able to win the affection of all from the beginning. Her tireless struggle to survive shows us her determination to move forward and face her new life. And Ramona will walk again.

Days ago Ramona underwent emergency surgery due to her critical condition, after a bus ran over her and completely crushed both her front legs.
At that time the man who found her took her to a vet’s clinic with the intention of saving her life, but that vet’s
solution was to euthanize Ramona. Our Ramona, however, clung to life and when the man was about to bury her, he discovered that she was still breathing, so he immediately contacted us to ask for help.

It was then that our work began. We were determined to be there for her and fight next to this incredible warrior.
We coordinated the transfer of Ramona to the shelter and then we took her to our trusted veterinary clinic. After a medical evaluation, the specialists were concerned that Ramona might face brain or liver damage due to the meds she had received during the initial attempt to euthanize her.

However, after several tests the doctors cleared her of possible damages. Unfortunately though,because of the extent of damage on her legs, the doctors had to amputate both of them.
The ethical and amazing work of our doctors at Innovavet, allowed Ramona to keep enough of her legs to be fitted for prosthetic legs or a wheelchair in the near future. Thanks Joey’s Paw for stepping up and give Ramona the prosthetic and weelchair she needs! ❤️

Currently this charismatic girl is hospitalized and under medical observation. Her sweetness and perseverance characterize her and today, just over two weeks after surgery, Ramona is already trying to stand on her hind legs.
This shows just how well her recovery is going.

However, we would love to give her a second chance at a home with the conditions she requires.
We continue working with all of our heart for her so that she can have that great life. That’s why we would like to have your support as well in covering the extensive cost of her medical attention. For this reason, we invite you to join Ramona’s fight and together we can see her walking again soon.