This year we want to focus our efforts on the Territorians who need it most: our recovering and disabled dogs that have been run over or actively hurt by humans.

For the past 15 years, we've seen how physical therapy and loving, determined care can give a dog a second chance, even when he's missing a paw or two.

We believe that many dogs can have a recovery like Rodolfo's, a Territorian who was brutally attacked by a man. When he came to us, he had Ehrlichia, was severely malnourished, and was dragged himself to move. Today, after surgery, a lot of therapy, care, and love, he can walk with his four legs and lives a happy life.

Rodolfo's amazing before and after

Right now, three puppies need your help.

Nino, Semáforo and Rafaelina.

Semáforo came to us in February of this year. We don't know much about his history, but he had some kind of accident that left him with partial paralysis in his hind legs. At this moment, he is in therapy, and we are doing everything possible so that he can recover in the best way.

This puppy is called Nino. We rescued him recently. He was probably run over and left to fend for himself. Neither his legs nor his tail will work again, so he drags himself to be able to move. An amputation of his hind legs and tail was performed to improve his quality of life.

Rafaelina has already been operated on. Rafaelina had a ruptured bladder, she entered abdominal surgery first, and then her hip fracture was surgically repaired. After the surgery, he already began to use his right rear leg; however, the left one was left with a deficit that will require several months of physiotherapy to return to normal function.

It may sound complex, and it is, but we strive to do everything we can so that these dogs can have their second chance. Your role is essential in this process because we could not do our rescue and rehabilitation work without your support.

No matter how much you donate, it will all go to the fund that allows us to continue to pay for the veterinary care and physical therapy these dogs need so they can live the best life possible: pain-free and full of the love they deserve.