With year-end approaching, we wanted to share with you the immense impact your support has on our organization and the dogs we rescue. Plus, we'd like to highlight the tax benefits of your contributions:

  • You’ll be helping us open up the shelter for visitors and volunteers: We're currently on the last leg of six years of very expensive infrastructure renovations in order to comply with the Costa Rican Government's requirements and reopen our doors for visitors and volunteers from all over the world. These visits are our most vital tool for receiving donations as well as closing adoptions. 

  • Lifesaving Impact: Every dollar you contribute plays a vital role in saving the lives of abandoned dogs in dire situations. Your support allows us to rescue dogs from abusive environments, the streets, and natural disasters. Through your generosity, we can provide food, medical care, rehabilitation, and shelter, allowing these dogs to find loving forever homes.

  • Adoption Promotion: We are dedicated to promoting the adoption of our rescued dogs. Your support helps us provide resources to make our dogs more adoptable and sociable. This ensures that more dogs find their forever families while also creating space for other dogs in need.

  • Year-End Challenges: Like many nonprofits, we face year-end challenges covering expenses. Your year-end contributions help us meet our financial goals and continue our vital work without interruption. Your support is crucial to ensure we start the new year on a solid footing.

  • The Tax Benefits of Your Year-End Giving: We understand that your support is driven by compassion and a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of these dogs. We want to highlight the additional benefits your generosity brings, especially during the year-end period:
  1. Tax Deductions: Contributions to registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations like ours are tax-deductible. Your donation can reduce your taxable income for the current tax year, potentially leading to a lower tax bill.
  2. Itemized Deductions: To claim a charitable deduction, you may need to itemize your deductions when filing your taxes. This may require more documentation but can be financially advantageous, especially for larger donations.
  3. Double the Impact: Some of our donors choose to take advantage of these tax benefits by making more significant donations during the year-end period, effectively doubling the impact of their giving.

We want to thank you once again for your incredible support, which has transformed the lives of so many dogs. Your generosity allows us to continue our mission, and your tax-deductible contributions enable you to give while receiving benefits in return.

Your year-end support truly makes a world of difference, not only in the lives of the dogs we rescue but also in your own financial planning. We appreciate your trust in our mission and your commitment to making the world a better place for all animals.