Complete the following application

We always need helping hands

Usually collaborating with the following activities:
- Bathing the doggies.
- Nail trimming.
- Eyes and ear cleaning.
- Helping to socialize the dogs.
- Washing kennels.
- Trash recollection.
- Maintenance of fields.
- Cleaning plates, cups, tubs, sinks, fences and doghouses.
- Painting the wire net of the kennels. (Urgent because of corrosion)
- Digging ditches for water-pipe installation.
- Cleaning the trails where the dogs stroll.
- Moving different materials to specific areas.
- Painting the food warehouse.
- Cleaning the farm’s internal road.
- Cleaning the stream from the water springs.

Receiving Supplies

We will pick up all the dog food you take to the following stores and veterinaries:
HVA Nutrición Animal:

La Vete

Veterinaria Florense

Community labor

During this year we will not have community labor volunteering. As soon as we re-establish the programs we will share the information on the web page.