Today we want to introduce you to Chepa!

As small as she is, Chepa just undertook a long journey to the United States to meet the family that would give her a forever home.

Just a couple of months ago, Kate met Chepa while visiting Territorio with a group of Veterinary students with Loop Abroad programs. She caught her attention because she was one of those extra friendly zaguates: "Chepa would come up, jump and gently scratch our legs looking for pets! Everyone absolutely adored her!," Kate told us.

“One day I sent photos to my family of all the dogs I was meeting at the shelter, and my sister Karoline pointed to a photo of Chepa and said, 'Wait, why do I want to adopt this one?'

Once Kate heard about the adoption process for families outside Costa Rica, she realized that it is much simpler than many would think, and when she discussed it with Karoline, she received the message that would change everything: “I will do whatever it takes, I want to bring Chepa home”.

In addition to Chepa, Karoline lives with Daphne, another rescued dog who, like Chepa, suffers from incontinence. “I know how difficult it is for dogs with these problems to be adopted, and I knew that if I didn't adopt Chepa, there would be little to no chance that someone else would. I knew that I could take care of her and make her life the best it can be” Karoline told us.

Today, Chepa's incontinence has improved a lot, and although he still has small accidents from time to time, she lives very happily wearing tiny, cute diapers and taking long naps. She and Daphne get along very well: "They both love to cuddle and adore people, but they're a bit introverted around other dogs, so they work perfectly together."

“Caring for a special needs dog, at least for us, is so worth it. Seeing how happy Chepa is, and how well she fits into our family is indescribable” Karoline told us, “it makes me very happy and I hope that more people can help Territorio's dogs because there are many of them out there that need that kind of love.”