Clifford Federico is a former Territorian who has eight months of enjoying life in a home to the fullest.

His adoption was carried out on July 10, 2021, some time after Lisbeth and her family had to put Silvio, the dog they loved and who was suffering a lot from various diseases, to sleep.  

After Silvio, Lisbeth told us there was a huge void in her family, so much so that she began to get depressed, which is how her daughters suggested the idea of ​​adopting a puppy that would once again fill every corner of her home with magic.

"I wanted a big dog that was not too young, so they sent us photos and videos of Clifford. I named him Federico, so now his name is Clifford Federico, and I was very captivated by him. Lya came to bring him to us, and it has been a beautiful experience because he is so loving, he's always by my side, and he is very playful", commented Lisbeth.

This handsome dog has earned not only the affection of his humans but also the entire neighborhood. He's known as the 'recycling dog' because as soon as he sees a plastic bottle on the street, he immediately runs to get it and takes it to his house; this happens every time he goes for a walk with his mother.  

This former Territorian is also known for being a hungry boy, and he likes to eat everything. He loves carrots, apples, and sweet potatoes. He also likes to walk a lot, ride in the car, and be very spoiled and jealous. His human mom writes most of the experiences she shares with Clifford in a diary that she treasures, hoping that this will allow her to remember all the love she shared with Silvio and now with Clifford.  

"He has brought us a lot of joy to the house. Sometimes you just can't imagine how much love an animal can give you. The truth is that what they give us is much more than what we give to animals. It is impossible for me to describe how grateful these little animals are", Lisbeth told us.