A few months ago, we shared the rescue of Habichuela and her four puppies: Garbancito, Arveja, Lenteja, and Haba, who have a particular story on the day of their rescue. 


Lupita at her new forever home

When we returned to the shelter, our collaborator María Fernanda went to carry out an errand. While Habichuela and her offspring waited, one of the puppies began to move and fell in the cup holder of the car door, and this zaguate mama did not hesitate to destroy anything in her way to get her baby back, and the car seat was somewhat damaged because of it. 

Our friend Karla took care of these doggies. The puppies quickly found a family, but for our lovely Habichuela, it was not so easy. When she was going back to the shelter, Karla's parents: Patricia and Jorge, decided to give her the great opportunity that this little dog deserved so much. 

"We adopted her on November the 14th. We decided to take her home because we had fallen in love with her. I talked to my husband and decided that Habichuela is the kind of dog that gets adopted the least. Adopting her has been very beyond lovely", Patricia told us. 

Now this happy furry girl is called Lupita: "My husband kept calling my daughter's dog Julieta 'Lupita', there was no way he could get him to call her by her name, he always called her Lupita. So we decided to name Habichuela that so that he would never call the other dog Lupita again." 

The experience of having adopted Lupita has filled this family with happiness since, according to what they told us, she is a very good girl, playful, cheerful, and gets along very well with her furry sister Amber, who already needed some doggie company.  

Among the things that this former Territorian enjoys doing the most are: playing with balls, sleeping on the pillows of the bed, running because she is very energetic, and eating a little peanut every night with Jorge.   

"People believe that it is us who adopt the dogs, but they are the ones who adopt us. She makes us very happy, and they only bring joy to our house. There is no doubt that adopting is the most fantastic experience, and I motivate people to do it more", Patricia mentioned.